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QW Express is a global freight forwarder with vast capabilities. We know what it takes to carry your freight to its destination safely and efficiently.  QW Express is strategically positioned to handle any type of freight services...

Domestic Air Freight
Expedited Services
Surface Forwarding
International Air Freight
International Mail
Logistics Services
Trade Show and Exhibition Management
QW Express is the complete source for all your freight management requirements.

A Quad/Graphics company, QW Express began in 2000 as an organization to help manage and expedite plant and customer needs. Since then, QW Express has evolved into a global freight forwarder with multi-modal capabilities including ground expediting, domestic airfreight, international airfreight, ocean freight, LTL trucking and truckload services. Our current staff averages more than 25 years of experience in the transportation, distribution and logistics industries.

Mission Statement
QW Express is committed to serving as a leader in the dynamic transportation industry by remaining vigilant to our customers' needs, encouraging proactive and creative solutions, and staying technologically ahead of the competition. We offer you unparalleled standards of integrity, determination and dedication to excellence, combined with extensive resources, technology and superior personnel.